Liz Truss Elected as UK New Prime Minister from Conservative Party

Liz Truss UK New Prime Minister's

Liz Truss was elected as UK Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party on Monday, with Truss winning the nomination by members of the Conservative Party.

Truss, the former foreign secretary, was unlikely to win, but defeated fellow party-member Rishi Sunak, who was backed by Conservative Party members as evidence of the result.
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Britain’s Conservative Party Chairman and Returning Officer Sir Graham Stewart Brady announced the results.

Truss will address team members after his victory

Liz Truss is the 56th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. She became the third female Prime Minister to lead the country. The previous female Prime Ministers – Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May – were both Conservative Party representatives.

Truss will now work to rebuild the economy, curb rising inflation and tackle the continent-wide energy crisis.

Boris Johnson to resign to Queen Elizabeth II. Liz Truss will travel to Balmoral to meet the Queen as Prime Minister.

He will address UK citizens on Tuesday and begin his duties after being sworn in on Wednesday.

Repeal of EU legislation by 2023 and the rise of Truss National Insurance, will prompt first-time home buyers to co-operate. Truss said a day before being elected prime minister, “I want to assure the people that if elected prime minister I will be done within a week.”

One of his major tasks was to unite the Tories.

He has won the support of members of the Conservative Party for lowering taxes without cutting government spending.
The UK’s energy crisis will vex the new prime minister, but the Truss is reportedly set to launch a measure to freeze energy bills for millions of people in the UK. He plans to introduce new income tax policies to help families cope with the cost crunch.

The issue in the UK is how the UK government will pay the energy bill after the National Plan is passed. According to the Times, several major energy companies have been informed of the plan.

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Such measures would cost the government around £69 billion. He did not deny this when speaking to the BBC. The package could reach as high as 100 billion pounds. “I am sure that a mechanism will be introduced that foots the bill,” said a Team Truss member, adding that the idea had been mulled over in the past 15 days.

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