SSC case: Bench changed again, this time justice Jaymalya Bagchi leave the bench

In the SSC case, the bench was switched again again. Four times this is the division bench. The case was dismissed this time by Justice Jayamalya Bagchi’s division bench.

Which division bench will hear the cases filed by the four SSC officials and the state government has been a point of contention. Three of the three division benches have already dropped out of the case. For personal reasons, everyone stood up. The Chief Justice directed that the cases be heard by a division bench led by Justice Jayamalya Bagchi later that night.

The lawyers appeared before the division bench of Jayamalya Bagchi on Tuesday morning to bring notice to the case. Justice Jayamalya Bagchi then announced that he would not hear the case due to personal concerns.

As a result, four division benches dropped out of the case. The matter was remanded to the Chief Justice’s division bench after Justice Bagchi’s division bench dismissed it. The matter will be re-heard by the Chief Justice or another division bench.

The single bench hearing, on the other hand, will begin on Tuesday. The CBI will file a report on what the four SSC officials said during their yesterday showdown with the CBI.

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