Arrested Bollywood actress Rupa Dutt. He was arrested by Bidhannagar North Police Station. He was arrested from the International Calcutta Book Fair on Saturday evening. Why was Rupa Dutt arrested? What has he done? The question is in everyone’s mind.

According to police sources, a woman was leaving a bag in the dustbin when she was on patrol at the International Calcutta Book Fair yesterday. He was questioned on suspicion, where is he going to leave this bag? But the police became suspicious as they could not give a good answer. The woman was brought by the police and her bag was searched. As can be seen in those bags, many money bags. There is a lot of money in it. At that time, the police brought him to Bidhannagar North Police Station on suspicion and interrogated him. But the actress could not give a good answer as to why she had so many purses. Finally, during interrogation, he confessed that he used to visit various fairs, big hi-fi events, and crowded places. About 75,000 rupees were recovered from his bag.

But when the police regained consciousness, they found out that it was Bollywood actress Rupa Dutt. The diary that was recovered from him contains all the accounts of how much money Kepmari made.

But the police are investigating why he is doing such a thing. Besides, the police also suspect that actress Rupa Dutt has a big circle. It is reported that the matter is being investigated in detail.

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