Two people allegedly chanted pro-Pakistan shouts during the screening of The Kashmir Files at a movie theatre in Telangana’s Adilabad district on Friday, March 18.

The two were thrashed by the audience in the Nataraj theatre in Adilabad, Hyderabad, Telangana, after raising anti-India and pro-Pakistan shouts.

The audience in the auditorium can be heard having heated debates while the film The Kashmir Files plays in the background in a viral video of the incident.

Then someone in the audience begins to assault another spectator. Despite the fact that the audio of the viral video is indistinct, reports claim that the event occurred when two people began chanting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ chants while viewing the movie.

The movie personnel phoned the cops to help contain the situation after the incident, but the criminals managed to depart the area. The accused’s identities are being investigated by the police. They’ve also gathered evidence from surveillance film, but nothing tangible has yet been found.

“We’re checking into that.” There hasn’t been an official complaint made yet. “It appears that a few are attempting to deliberately degrade the mood and heighten tension,” local police officers were reported as saying by Republic.

According to Superintendent of Police D Uday Kumar, the two were drunk when they made the commotion by shouting pro-Pakistani slogans. He did say, though, that the situation had been brought under control and that the police were looking into it.

A screening of ‘The Kashmir Files’ in Kolkata was briefly halted.

In a separate event reported from Kolkata, West Bengal, on Wednesday (March 16), a riot broke out at the historic Navina Cinema Hall in Tollygunge, and the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ was halted in the middle of its screening. However, there are various versions of the storey regarding the causes for this. While some accounts suggest that some Muslims protested the film, the theatre owners dispute this and claim that the disturbance was caused by two guys talking on their phones loudly.

“The personnel of the Navina theatre said some Muslims protested inside the hall during the screening of The Kashmir Files,” Sirf News said. According to police, they chanted slogans claiming that the plot was of the film was based on falsehood. This led to a quarrel and fisticuffs between the members of the two communities. The staff of the theatre stopped the film for 15 min.”

‘The Kashmir Files,’ by Vivek Agnihotri, is based on genuine stories of Kashmiri Pandits. It transports viewers to 1989, when unrest broke out in Kashmir as a result of escalating Islamic Jihad, driving the vast majority of Hindus to abandon the valley. The film was released in India on March 11 and is currently showing in theatres. It is based on video interviews with first-generation Kashmiri Pandit victims of the Kashmir Genocide.

Between February and March 1990, approximately 100,000 of the valley’s total 140,000 Kashmiri Pandit residents migrated, according to estimates. In the years that followed, more of them left, until only roughly 3,000 families remained in the valley by 2011.

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