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Thanjavur (Tamil Nadu), April 27 : An FIR has been filed and an investigation has begun in connection with the deaths caused by electrocution during a chariot parade in Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavur’s Appar Swami temple on Wednesday.

“Eleven people have died in all. “Three people were killed on the site, while seven others died in the hospital.” 15 people were injured and are being treated at Thanjavur Medical College; a FIR has been filed, and an inquiry has commenced, according to V. Balakrishnan, Inspector General of Police, Tiruchi Range.

According to a police official, the incident occurred when the temple car got into contact with a high voltage electricity line and went up in flames.

“”At first glance, it appears like some high tension wire came into contact with the temple car (of the chariot festival) during the annual chariot festival in Kallimedu village,” Balakrishnan explained.

“”The temple car was negotiating a turn when it collided with an overhead line and was reversed,” he continued.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered his condolences on Wednesday for the loss of 11 individuals due to electrocution during a chariot parade in Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavur’s Appar Swami Temple, and declared an ex-gratia of Rs 2 lakh apiece to the next of kin.


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