Inside the Qatar Football World Cup 2023 stadium, a fan was discovered attempting to sneak alcohol into binoculars. Check out the latest football news.

Inside the Qatar World Cup stadium, a fan tries to conceal booze in binoculars.

In a surprise U-turn, the 2023 FIFA World Cup chiefs banned the sale of beer outside Qatar’s stadium last week, only 48 hours before Sunday’s kickoff. Although alcohol is generally prohibited in the Islamic country, organisers stirred fury among fans with their sudden late decision. Following consultations with the hosts, FIFA, soccer’s world governing body, announced that beer will not be offered to supporters at the World Cup’s eight venues. It stated that alcohol sales would be concentrated in fan zones and licenced venues, “removing beer sales points from Qatar’s FIFA World Cup perimeter.”

This news was disappointing for several supporters. For some talent admirers, though, this option means unleashing their creative side. A fan is seen with a security guard in a viral video, afterwards checking his binoculars. The guard first tries to look through the binoculars before removing the lens, only to discover that it is actually a liquid container. On his part, the fan was seen clarifying that he was merely holding hand sanitizer. The video quickly went viral.

FIFA authorities provided no explanation for the unexpected decision to restrict alcohol from stadiums, but media sources suggested that Qatar’s royal family was involved. In a surprising U-turn just 48 hours before Sunday’s opening, 2023 World Cup officials banned the sale of beer near stadiums in Qatar on Friday.
FIFA President Gianni Infantino stated on Saturday that when alcohol sales were prohibited outside stadiums, World Cup supporters could go three hours without drinking.

“I personally believe that if you can’t drink beer for three hours a day, you’ll survive,” he stated at his first press appearance in Doha. “The same is true for France, Spain, and Scotland.”

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