Anubrata Mondol’s Fixed deposit of 17 crore seized CBI . Cattle Smugling?

Anubrata Mondol 17 crore fixed deposit sized cbi

On Wednesday, the CBI seized fixed deposits of Tk 17 crore in the name of Anubrata and his relatives. (Anubrata Mondal)

#Kolkata: CBI once again seized crores of rupees after investigating the cow smuggling case. Crores of rupees were found in the accounts of Anubrata Mandal and his close friends. On Wednesday, a fixed deposit of Tk 17 crore was found in the name of Anuvrat and his relatives. which were seized by the CBI. According to sources, around 17 crore fixed deposits have been seized. Those bank accounts have been seized. This huge amount of fixed deposits was in two government and one private bank.

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