This is Nadia's duckling, after Metia. By inviting her to a birthday party, he is accused of raping a child. He escaped after the rape,

Nadia: This is Nadia’s duckling, after Metia. By inviting her to a birthday party, he is accused of raping a child. He escaped after the rape, leaving the minor at home. In the middle of the night, tortured to death. In Kathgarh, he is the son of a powerful local leader. Nadia’s Hanskhali was the scene of a terrible, tragic incident.

There are more serious charges, such as the family being compelled to burn the minor’s body shortly after his death. The body was allegedly burned forcibly after neighbours were summoned. However, no answer from the accused has been heard in this case thus far.

Last Monday, the incident occurred. The girl went to a nearby friend’s birthday party. According to a statement made by the victim’s family to the police, he left the house at around 4 pm to go to his friend’s house.

After then, around 7:00 p.m., the girl returned home with a woman. He thereafter became unwell. The woman, on the other hand, took the girl home and instructed her to take her to a nursing home or a private physician for treatment. Due to lower abdomen ache, the kid had fallen nearly asleep by that point. Later, he was transported to a local doctor.

The doctor stated that the minor’s condition is critical. His sole weakness is excessive bleeding. The family realised what was going on.

The minor was returned home after initial treatment. The minor died in the middle of the night. Some boys from the area, according to family members, came to the house in an unusual manner. At this time, it is unknown what he will do after leaving the post. The parents were practically speechless as a result of their daughter’s untimely death.

The brain was not functioning properly. At the time, the local guys were eager to aid the kid by performing nice things for him. They allegedly transported the body to a crematorium. Within a half-kilometer of the minor’s home is a crematorium. Without a death certificate, the body was incinerated there.

A fire extinguisher is used to quickly remove the ashes. On the night of the incident, the entire cremation area was cleaned!

They also allegedly threatened to burn down the house if they reported the incident to anyone. Child Line and Hanskhali received a formal complaint from the victim’s mother police station on Sunday. Following the incident, the culprit was arrested. There were no arrests made.

“It was four o’clock on Monday,” the victim’s mother recalled. It was around 7:00 p.m. He was accompanied by a young lady. My daughter is accompanied by two males and a girl. My daughter’s head is spinning, I said. Consult a physician. I’ll burn down the house if I go too far.”

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