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According to Calcutta High Court orders, rape cases in Deganga, Matia, Ingrejbazar, and Banshdroni would be investigated by IPS Damayanti Sen. On Tuesday, a bench of the Calcutta High Court’s chief justice said that Damayanti had undertaken an impartial investigation based on the previous day’s experience. The top justice’s comments are thought to have been made in the aftermath of a decade-old probe into the Park Street rape case.

Damayanti, now the special commissioner of Kolkata police, was the intelligence chief of the Kolkata police during the Park Street gang-rape case that took place a decade ago. He was the one in charge of the investigation into the incident. Coincidentally, then-Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee called the incident a “sort of incident”. Damayanti, however, reported that rape had taken place in the wake of his investigation. He also made it public.

The court did say, however, that if the caretaker minister does not wish to bear responsibility for the surveillance, he can directly inform the court.
“Two or three incidents happened in a sequence,” Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court Prakash Srivastava said plainly during the hearing on Tuesday. What exactly is going on? What is the significance of this occurrence? “I’m at a loss for words!” Rape and gang rape have been reported in several areas across the state in recent days. In that situation, the Chief Justice is said to have spoken out. Interestingly, there is no mention of Nadia Hanskhali in the Chief Justice’s order. State politics are currently in a state of flux. However, with Damayanti in charge, the Park Street incident will be forgotten. incident has returned to the public eye once again.

State Advocate General Soumendranath Mukherjee said in response to the Chief Justice’s remarks, “Kolkata is the safest city in the country. And such incidents happen in Delhi itself. I grew up here. Politics is involved in everything here. There is politics in the streets. I’m sorry about that. “


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