Three airstrikes shook the city of Novokodatskyi, a Dnipro neighbourhood, around 6:10 EET. According to reports, airstrikes were launched near a kindergarten school and an apartment building, as well as a two-story shoe factory, which caught fire.

One person has been killed, according to preliminary reports.

The unmistakable red glow of a bombing is captured on camera, followed by a loud bang and smoke rising out of the city.

Dnipro is one of Ukraine’s largest cities, and it is home to Yuzhmash, a significant space and ballistic-missile design bureau and producer.

The explosion occurred on the 16th day of the Russian-Ukraine war, just after talks between Ukraine’s and Russia’s foreign ministers failed to offer any relief to the two countries’ ongoing conflict.

In other news from Mariupol, the mayor has reported that Russian troops are bombarding the city every thirty minutes, including residential areas. The forces are also said to have barred civilians from fleeing the city. 17 victims were injured when a hospital in Mariupol was bombed.

The use of vacuum bombs in Ukraine was previously confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry. Vacuum bombs absorb oxygen from the surrounding air, resulting in a blast wave that lasts much longer than a normal explosive. It also has the ability to vaporise human beings.

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