Paresh Adhikari West Bengal minister

State Minister for Education Paresh Adhikari suddenly disappeared. On Tuesday night, the minister left Jalpaiguri for Kolkata with his daughter. According to sources, he got down at Burdwan station in the morning with his daughter and security guards. The High Court directed him to appear at the CBI office by 8 pm on Tuesday.

Paresh Adhikari West Bengal minister

The SSC chairman said, “Minister Paresh Adhikari’s daughter got the number 7. His name has been included in the list without a personality test. A single bench of the High Court directed Minister Paresh Adhikari to appear before the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) by 8 pm on Tuesday. The court observed that the governor and the chief minister should remove Paresh Adhikari from the ministry if he is involved in corruption.

Minister Paresh Adhikari and his daughter climbed into the H1 compartment of the Infantry Express. The train workers claimed that the minister and his daughter were not seen after the morning. The last time the train attendant saw him was during the night bedroll. Later in the morning, neither the train attendant nor the person in the front seat saw the minister and his daughter. It is believed that he may have landed at a station in Burdwan or before him.

It is learned that no car came to the station to pick up Minister Paresh Adhikari and his daughter Ankita Adhikari.

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