The situation between Russia and Ukraine
LIVE: The Kremlin indicated on Monday that it is willing to continue talks with the West regarding security issues that led to the current crisis, giving hope that Russia will not attack Ukraine within days, as Western officials fear.

On Monday, diplomatic attempts to avert what US officials have feared may be a Russian attack on Ukraine entered a new phase. President Vladimir Putin was advised to continue discussions by Russia’s top diplomat, and Germany’s chancellor met with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

As invasion concerns grow, the US announced that it will close its embassy in Ukraine and relocate all remaining workers to a city near the Polish border. It also issued a series of warnings to private American people in Ukraine, urging them to leave immediately.

The European Parliament has approved a 1.2 billion euro aid package for Ukraine.
The European Parliament approved a new 1.2 billion euro ($1.36 billion) EU aid package for Ukraine on Tuesday, citing fears of a Russian invasion as a threat to the country’s economy.

Some Russian military stationed near Ukraine have returned to their bases: Ministry
After a build-up of Moscow’s army near Ukraine’s borders sparked fears of an invasion, Russia announced Tuesday that some forces stationed near the Ukrainian border were beginning to return to their barracks.

After completing their tasks, units from the Southern and Western military districts have already began loading into rail and road vehicles,

“After completing their tasks, units from the Southern and Western military districts have already began loading into rail and road vehicles, and they will begin relocating to their military garrisons today,” a defence ministry spokesman said, according to Russian news agencies.

Oil prices fall as investors consider the Ukraine crisis and the supply outlook.
Oil fell from its highest level since 2014 as traders evaluated the likelihood of greater supply against the apparent cooling of the Ukrainian issue.

After reaching a high of $95 a barrel on Monday, West Texas Intermediate dropped. Despite warnings from the United States that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is imminent, Moscow is now advocating for a diplomatic approach and denying that it is planning an attack.

Students from India should seek advice.
The Indian Embassy in Kyiv is asking Indians, particularly students, to help.

In light of the current situation’s uncertainty, the Indian Embassy in Kyiv is urging Indians, particularly students whose stay is not required, to leave Ukraine temporarily. Read the entire storey here.

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