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Republicans claim that Biden’s rollback of Trump-era initiatives has increased illegal immigration from Mexico Border.

In March, US border agents apprehended 210,000 migrants attempting to cross the border with Mexico, the largest monthly number in two decades.

The figure for March is a 24 percent rise over the same month a year ago, when 169,000 migrants were apprehended at the border. This triggered a surge in migration, trapping thousands of unaccompanied minors in overcrowded border patrol posts for days.

When US President Joe Biden assumed office in January 2021, he promised to overturn much of his predecessor, Donald Trump’s, strict immigration policies, but he struggled both operationally and politically with the large number of attempted crossings.

Republicans claim that Biden’s rollback of Trump-era initiatives has increased il3legal immigration.

US health officials said that a pandemic-era border order known as Title 42 would be lifted by May 23, with Biden officials warning that migration could increase further. Title 42 permits for the swift deportation of asylum seekers and other migrants to Mexico in order to limit the spread of Covid.

In the following weeks, they anticipate up to 18,000 migrant interactions per day.

According to US Customs and Border Protection records dating back to 2000, the 210,000 migrants arrested in March, which were made public in a court filing on Friday night, is the highest monthly number on record since February 2000.

According to the court complaint, nearly half of the migrants encountered in March were expelled under the Title 42 order.

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