Dr. BK Karad, a Union minister, and Dr. Subhash Bhamre, a BJP MP, attended to a passenger who had been ill on a Delhi-Aurangabad aircraft.

The Air India crew had indicated that they would check if they had any doctors on board as per standard operating procedure (SOP).

The Minister of State for Finance and a BJP colleague jumped in to assist the unwell passenger at that point.

Air India took to Twitter to express its dissatisfaction with the situation, saying, “Yesterday, a passenger on our Delhi-Aurangabad flight became ill. The crew announced that they were checking to see if there was a doctor on board, as per SOP. We would like to express our gratitude to Dr. B.K. Karad (Mos Finance) and Dr. Subhash Bhamre for their prompt attention to him.”

One Twitter user expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation “You should have an ECG machine with you (atleast long flights). I once attended a patient on an Air India Toronto-Del aircraft, provided input on the onboard ECG machine, and sent emails, but all to no use. It wasn’t Tata’s at the time, though. Now I’m optimistic “..

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Another person commented, “Thank you for being so quick to respond. Dr. BK Karad and Dr. Subhash Bhamre, ministers. Sirs, excellent work. Your fast action exemplifies your passion to humanity and your professions as ministers and doctors, respectively. I salute both of you.”

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