Hijab controversy Sabana Azmi vs kangana Ranawat

In the hijab controversy, everyone from the country’s government officials to celebrities has spoken out. Kangana Ranaut grabbed news as well for her outspoken comments. Shabana Azmi, a former Rajya Sabha MP and actor, took Bollywood Queen by the hand this time. ‘If you really want to show courage, don’t go to Afghanistan and wear a burqa!’ Kangana wrote on Instagram. ‘Learn to be self-sufficient rather than putting yourself in a box.’

Shabana then responded against Kangana. “Correct me if I’m wrong but Afghanistan is a theocratic state and what I witnessed last time made me think India is a secular democratic republic?!!,” Shabana wrote on her own Twitter account in response to Kangana’s remark.

Javed Akhtar, the writer and Shabana’s husband, spoke out about the hijab a few days ago. “I have never been in support of wearing hijab or burqa,” Javed Akhtar tweeted on Thursday. I still support this, however it’s a shame for these guys who try to bully a girl into wearing hijab and fail. Is that their definition of masculinity?’

On February 5, the Karnataka government issued an order requiring a dress code in all schools and institutions, including a prohibition on apparel that “disrupts equality, integrity, or public order.”


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