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China’s 20th Communist Party Congress Live: China ‘will never commit to abandoning the use of force’ on Taiwan, Xi says, insisting on one country, two system

China will “never commit to abandoning the use of force” on the Taiwan issue, Xi Jinping said in his speech earlier today at the Communist Party Congress in Beijing.

President Xi Jinping declared that China will accelerate the work of environmental protection and eco-friendly lifestyle, and will make important contributions to environmental protection to build a modern socialist nation.

According to Xi, who spoke at the opening of the ruling Communist Party Congress, China has mastered environmental issues over the past decade. He spoke of a commitment to “virtually eliminate” significant air and water pollution along with controlling soil pollution.

Xi Jinping welcomes ‘one country, two systems’

“One country, two systems” has proven to be the best institutional arrangement for Hong Kong and Macau, Xi said at the opening of the 20th Chinese Communist Party Congress, which the regions will enjoy and govern with a high degree of autonomy.

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Xi said China will increase the birth rate in the face of an aging population.

Xi said China opposes the “Cold War mentality” in world politics

Xi Jinping will deepen patriotic education

China has not spoken of deepening patriotic education, Chinese President Xi Jinping said in his opening speech at the Communist Party’s one-to-five-year congress on Sunday at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

China’s stance on religion is to actively manage religion in a manner compatible with a socialist society and uphold the policy of developing culture with socialist characteristics, Xi said.

China ‘will never commit to abandoning use of force’ on Taiwan: Xi

President Xi Jinping pledged in his speech to mark the opening of the Communist Party Congress in Beijing on Sunday that China would “never abandon the use of force” on the Taiwan issue.

“Resolving the Taiwan issue is a personal matter for the Chinese people and must be resolved by the Chinese people themselves.

We will uphold the pursuit of the possibility of peaceful reconciliation with the utmost sincerity and utmost effort, but will not commit to abandoning the use of force and will reserve the right to take all necessary measures,” Xi told Beijing’s Great A Communist Party delegation at the Hall of the People.

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