The education department set the colour of uniforms for government and government-aided schools in the state. School uniforms will be navy blue and white from now on, according to the requirements. At the same time, the ‘Biswa Bangla’ logo will appear on every clothing. The pocket will have the ‘Biswa Bangla’ logo on it. The BJP has spoken out against the government’s decree.

The Department of Education supplies garments, bags, and shoes to government and government-aided schools as part of the ‘West Bengal Whole Education Mission.’ The education department has published fresh instructions this time. All government schools shall wear uniforms of the same hue unless otherwise noted. The dress will be navy blue and white in hue. From pre-primary to eighth grade, the males will wear white shirts and navy blue pants. The girls will wear a white shirt with a navy blue tunic frock. Also available in white or navy blue. It will be navy blue or white if it is a salwar.

The ‘Biswa Bangla’ logo should be kept in school uniform pockets, according to the guidelines. This has sparked a debate. The BJP has spoken out against the directive. “I think this judgement to be political,” state BJP president Sukant Majumder remarked.On behalf of the party, I and others condemn this decision. There are a number of schools that are over a century old. They have their own set of rules about attire. It has been going on for almost a century. It isn’t going to go well. There is a management committee at the school. They will choose the colour of the clothes. “

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