Own report: Uttarakhand is going to be the first state in the country where Uniform Civil Code (UCC) will be implemented. The newly elected Chief Minister of the Hill Tracts Pushkar Singh Dhami made the announcement on Thursday. The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) speaks of the formulation and implementation of a uniform law for the whole country.

This same law will apply to all religious communities in marriage, divorce, inheritance of property, adoption and other such matters. The Uniform Civil Code is explicitly mentioned in Part 4 of Article 44 of the Indian Constitution. Article 44 of the Indian Constitution states, “The State shall endeavor to secure a uniform civil law for citizens throughout the territory of India.”

Article 44 states that the State shall endeavor to secure a uniform civil code for its citizens across the territory of India. The first petition was filed in India in 2019 on a unified civil code to form a UCC to promote national integration and gender justice, equality and the dignity of women.

Article 44 of the Indian Constitution coincides with the directive principal of state policy. The State will endeavor to provide a Uniform Citizenship Code (UCC) across the territory of India for its citizens. The purpose of this section is to address discrimination against the weaker groups and to bring together different cultural groups across the country.

The Uniform Civil Code was left to chance at the time of drafting the constitution. With this in mind, Article 35 of the Draft Constitution was added to Part IV of the Constitution of India as Article 44 as part of the directive principles of state policy.

In his address to the Constituent Assembly, BR Ambedkar, the father of the Indian Constitution, said, “No one should be alarmed that if the state has power, the state will immediately move forward to enforce that power which may be offensive to Muslims or Christians or any other community. This will work. “


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