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If suddenly you are standing on a Delhi road with a car and a person hands you a rose and asks you to turn off the ignition( Red Light On Gaddi off) of your car while you wait at an intersection when the red signal turns green.

Gandhigiri is an activity of the Delhi Government’s ‘Red Light On, Gaddi Off’ campaign. Aiming to curb vehicular pollution, the Kejriwal government came up with a 15-point action plan and under ‘Red Light On, Gaddi Off’.

Drive T will run from October 28 to November 28, first launched on October 16, 2020 in Delhi.

Delhi’s Environment Minister Gopal Rai said that there is a possibility that pollution levels will increase in Delhi after Diwali due to change in wind direction. The air quality index fared very badly after Diwali, with morning AQI reaching 342 in Noida and 323 in Delhi.

‘Red Light On, Gaddy Off’ purpose?

The purpose of this red light on, car off is to prevent pollution from smoke from your and nearby cars while standing in traffic. Turn on the car engine when the signal is green. The campaign also involved civil defense volunteers. They will encourage people.

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai said “We are complying with all Air Quality Management Commission restrictions. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal discussed implementation of 15-point action plan to curb winter air pollution.”

In 2021, ahead of the rollout of the campaign, Kejriwal tweeted an appeal: “Contribute to this fight against pollution. Whenever you stop at a red light, please switch off your car’s engine. Save on fuel will help curb pollution. Work together to reduce Delhi’s pollution.” “

That year, in the morning, the environment minister visited the ITO crossing, a prominent and busy traffic junction in Delhi, and handed over roses to commuters asking them to turn off their engines on red signals.

How will this rule be applied this year?

2,500 Civil Defense personnel are on the streets to educate the public. These volunteers will make people aware of how stopping their vehicle engines at red signals will help reduce air pollution.

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These volunteers will be deployed at 100 key points. 10 volunteers will be deployed at each four-way junction in two different shifts a day. The campaign will be conducted in two shifts of 12 hours per day. First shift is from 8 am to 2 pm and second shift is from 2 pm to 8 pm.

Along with them, traffic police officials and employees will also monitor and conduct the campaign on 10 major four-lanes in Delhi that face heavy traffic. Instead of 10, 20 Civil Defense Volunteers are deployed on these four-lanes in each shift – said the Delhi Environment Minister.”

“Volunteers will carry placards and banners to raise public awareness. Last year, there were many drivers who did not stop their engines at red lights. This year, we will request them to stop their engines by presenting them with flowers.”

Along with volunteers Paryavaran Mitra, resident welfare organizations, eco-clubs and NGOs will also participate in the campaign. Public representatives and officials are also actively involved in the campaign.

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What caused this campaign?

Dust and biomass burning, vehicular smoke is one of the main causes of local pollution in Delhi.

A few days ago, an analysis by the Center for Science and Environment (CSE) reported the contribution of vehicles to the active presence of local particulate matter pollution in Delhi.

Engine off at red light A study by the Petroleum Conservation Research Association found that vehicle pollution can be reduced by 15-20 percent if the engine is turned off at the signal.

“People who go out with cars cross 8-10 four-lanes during their journey. If each red light is of 2 minutes duration and we don’t switch off our engines we are wasting fuel unnecessarily for 25 minutes. The success of the whole campaign will depend on our mentality and On attitude,” Rai specified.

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