Kashmir Hindu Exodus

With dread gripping the valley as a result of increased targeted killings of Hindus, minority government employees have opted to leave Kashmir en masse on Friday (June 3), raising fears of a repeat of the 1990 exodus.

The decision was made shortly after Islamic militants in Kashmir’s Kulgam area killed a Hindu bank manager on Thursday.

Over 4,000 Pandit employees, according to reports, have stated their decision to quit the Valley. As proclaimed by their leaders, they have decided to mass move from the Valley’s numerous transit camps.

On social media, several videos have surfaced depicting anxious Hindus preparing to flee the valley.

At the Srinagar Airport right now, there is a heavy rush of non-locals, kp employees, and other Hindus working in the private sector. Vijay Kumar, a Rajasthani man who had only been married for 40 days, was shot and killed in his office in Kulgam this morning.

Employees residing at various transit camps supervised by security officers have called off the protest and opted to leave for Jammu, according to Amit Raina, the protesting employees’ coordinator.

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According to reports, the decision was made after the Kashmiri Minority Forum, a group of Kashmiri Hindus, released statements urging minorities in the Valley to leave by Friday am. According to Republic TV, the organisation held an emergency meeting after a bank employee, Vijay Kumar was killed.

The minority forum reportedly emphasised three themes during the emergency meeting, according to the newspaper. “The protests throughout all places in the Kashmir valley have been called off with immediate effect,” they said, “since the lives of the minority here are being cruelly taken away by the culprits’ bullets every day.”

“Decision has been made that all the minority people have been left with no choice except to migrate outside the valley tomorrow morning,” they added.

Finally, the group invited all protesters to congregate outside the Navyug Tunnel on Friday to plot their next course of action about their destiny and lives.

Meanwhile, Avtar Krishan Bhat, a leader of the Hindu Kashmiri Pandit colony in Baramulla, was cited in The Tribune as stating, “We’ve placed trucks on standby in case we need to depart at any time. We are shocked by the targeted executions and demand that the government move us promptly.”

It should be mentioned that the decision to leave the valley was influenced by the recent surge in targeted killings of Kashmiri Hindus in the valley, particularly those who were engaged under the PM Package by Islamic militants. Earlier in the day, OpIndia reported on the assassination of Vijay Kumar, a bank employee, by Islamic militants. Vijay Kumar, a native of Rajasthan’s Hanamangarh, was the Bank Manager of Elaqahi Dehati Bank when he died.After being shot by terrorists at the Arreh Mohanpora Branch in the Kulgam district, Kumar was reportedly transported to a local hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

This is the fourth time in the last two months that a Hindu in the valley has been attacked by Islamic terrorists.

In light of the recent wave of attacks against Hindu migrants in the valley, the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir called a meeting only yesterday (June 1).

He advised that PM Package personnel and others from minority communities posted in the Kashmir division be placed in secure locations for an important meeting. LG has set a deadline of June 6, 2022, for the transfer of the vulnerable personnel.Kashmir is a Muslim-majority territory with Hindus, Sikhs, and various non-Muslim communities as minorities.


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