LPG cylinders price today

LPG Cylinder prices have come down in big relief during the festive season. LPG cylinder prices reduced nationwide from October 1 midnight. Relaxation of the restaurant hotel in the face of puja. This new price is being applied in the case of commercial cylinders. In the case of Kolkata, the price of each 19 kg cylinder has been reduced by Tk 36.50 and the current price of LPG is Tk 1959.

What is LPG price in which city?

The price of a 19 kg commercial cylinder in Delhi fell by Tk 25.50 to Tk 1859.50 from October 1 midnight, according to data provided by the country’s oil marketing agencies. Currently, the price in Mumbai has reduced by 32.50 to 1811.50.

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Rs 36.50 reduced to Rs 1959 in Kolkata. In Chennai, the price of a commercial cylinder of 19 kg has come down by Rs 35.50 to Rs 2009.50.

Commercial cylinder prices also fell on September 1

This is the second time that commercial LPG prices have come down. At the beginning of September, the price of a 19 kg commercial cylinder was reduced by Rs 91.50 to Rs 1885 in Delhi, Rs 1995.50 in Kolkata, Rs 1844 in Mumbai and Rs 2045 in Chennai.

At the very beginning of this year i.e. January 1, the price of commercial LPG cylinders also fell. In Delhi, the price of a commercial cylinder of 19 kg has risen from Rs 102.50 to Rs 1998.

Domestic LPG prices have not come down

However, there has been no change in domestic LPG cylinder prices this time. The price of 14.2 kg cylinder is Tk 1079. Recently as per the new rules announced by the center no family can book more than 2 cylinders in a month. Its allocation is 15 cylinders per year. However, in case of need, the application form must be submitted to the dealer.


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