Aroosa Parvaiz hijab controversy

Aroosa Parvaiz took first place in J&K Class 12 with a score of 499 out of 500. In response to backlash, she stated that she is a Muslim by heart, not by hijab.

Aroosa Parvaiz, who topped the J&K Board’s class 12 exam this year, was mocked on social media after a photo of her without a hijab (headscarf) was circulated on social media. On February 8, the results were announced. She was interviewed without a hijab after she topped the board test with a score of 499 out of 500. On social media, her posts drew a barrage of criticism.

“In Karnataka, Muslim girls battle for hijab, while in our Kashmir, our sisters publish their images without covering their faces,” according to screenshots uploaded on local media sites. It’s not acceptable.” Because she did not cover her head, some hateful comments demanded for her beheading.

Aroosa has spoken up about how the trolling has affected her family. “Whether one wears or does not wear the hijab has no bearing on one’s religious beliefs. Perhaps I have a greater love for Allah than them (trolls). Local media have cited her as saying, “I’m a Muslim by heart, not by hijab.”

The event has added gasoline to the ongoing hijab debate in Karnataka, where students are fighting for their right to wear the hijab in the classroom. Aroosa Parvaiz, according to Karnataka BJP leader CT Ravi, is the face of courage.

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