Major attacks on Russian President Vladimir Putin ,narrowly spared the lives of Russian President

Attack on Volodymyr Putin

A major attack on Russian President Vladimir Putin, who survived the assassination attempt, was reported on the General GVR Telegram channel on Wednesday, Euro Weekly News reported.

The attack on Putin was read by the media as a general GVR telegram. The detailed information about him is not being reported yet. But when he is questioned. News, Vladimir Putin’s limousine was hit on the left side of the car. It is also reported that smoke started coming out from the table area, as soon as the smoke came out, safety measures were taken in the car.

The news broke, Russian sources said, that Putin was returning to his residence at the time of the phone call. The attack on him is not new, he was attacked in 2017. According to information provided by Russia, there have been attempts to assassinate Russian Putin 5 times.

It is known that after solving the solution aimed at Putin, the body of the ambulance driver is found in the car. With this, the haze is increasing. According to media reports, Russia is apparently trying to keep this information secret.

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