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On Friday in Patiala, Punjab, a major battle between the Shiv Sena and pro-Khalistani Sikh organisations erupted. After the Shiv Sena marched against Khalistan in Patiala, a brawl erupted between the two parties.

Following the march, pro-Khalistani groups gathered with firearms at the march location. Stone-pelting incidents between the two sides have been reported at the collision site. The cops are attempting to de-escalate the situation by reducing tensions between the two parties.

Pro-Khalistani people gathered at the Shiv Sena march location with sharp weapons such as swords, according to images obtained by Republic TV. There was also stone pelting, with one person reported hurt as a result. The injured person was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

On the streets, pro-Khalistani gangs brawl with the Shiv Sena.

The situation in Patiala remains severe as a result of the conflict between the two groups, and heavy police have been deployed. Shiv Sena workers were sloganeering against Khalistan in Punjab, according to report on-the-ground reporter, when pro-Khalistani gangs began attacks from the other side. The Shiv Sena march has been disrupted, and police are working to calm the situation.

As skirmishes between the factions continue, tens of thousands have come to the streets in Patiala. The opposing forces are brandishing swords. Following the riots, former Punjab DGP Dr Bhatti spoke to the media and denounced the clashes, calling them “unfortunate.” An investigation was begun by the former officer attack on the state administration and said that the Shiv Sena march should have been called off.

“It should not have happened in Punjab, and I hold the administration responsible. He told Republic that the Shiv Sena should not have been permitted to lead the parade. The previous DGP also said that the attacks were unavoidable due to extreme elements’ demands. Dr. Bhatti, condemning the major conflicts in the neighbourhood, said the administration should have taken preventative measures to calm tensions.

He went on to say that pro-Khalistan organisations should not be permitted to recruit new members. In the meantime, video from the confrontation location shows people on roofs pelting stones at those on the street.

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