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Panic returns to Boubazar after over three and a half years. Cracks have been discovered in a number of residences along Durga Pituri Lane in Boubazar. Since the evening, alleged fissures have been detected in the residences in that region of Boubazar. Fearful residents are fleeing the house. The fissures are believed to be caused by East-West Metro construction.

The scenario may deteriorate. As a result, the police are making preparations to evacuate the homes in order to avoid harm. Since the event, Metro has reportedly shut down in protest of the residents. After cracks were discovered in the house after dusk, the residents allegedly alerted the metro officials. Metro, on the other hand, did nothing.

They also charged the cops with inaction. According to a local, “Since the evening, I’ve been phoning the police and the metro for several hours. Nobody showed up. He’s now telling me to leave the house. I’m not sure where to go. The cops are simply advising you to leave the house. They are now displaying a large amount of labour.’

According to AK Nandi, DM (Admin), KMRCL, “I received the information. Metro personnel are on their way to the location. Now I’m the first to see where the victims of the crash will be housed.’ Metro officials, on the other hand, maintained that the crack was not significant.

Bishwarup Dey, the father of Kolkata Municipality ward 47, has been enraged. He wondered why there was no metro site engineers in the area while working underground.

MLA Boubazar Nayana Bandyopadhyay arrived at the location. He’s taking a look around the abandoned residences. Also speaking with locals. Residents are ecstatic. The MLA has been encircled by police. “Only two Metro officials have come,” Nayana Banerjee said. Five residences had cracks in them. They do, however, have 10-12 families. For the time being, we are planning for homeless refuge.’ We’ll also inform the Chief Minister in the morning tomorrow.

On the 31st of August 2019, cracks occurred in a number of houses in Durga Pituri Lane, Sakra Para, Boubazar. It gradually gets better. On the ground floor of the area, work on the East-West Metro is ongoing. According to experts, he was to blame for the accident. Several homes have been demolished. For several months, many families in the neighbourhood were displaced. Several people have returned home.

Many people remain homeless. The East-West Metro project has finally resumed. The tunnel from Sealdah to Dharmatala is being connected. Cracks were visible in some of Boubazar’s dwellings, evoking ancient emotions.

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