Habji Gabj ,bengali movie 2022

What innovation is Habji Gabji bringing to the audience and what will the parents learn from this new movie of Raj

The new movie Habji Gabji directed by Raj Chakraborty is coming. Starring Subhashree Ganguly and Parambrata chattopadhyay. In the promo shots of the movie story, a family and modernity, that is, the means of modern scientific well-being, are changing our lives from small to big.
It is worth mentioning that Raj Shubhshree started their family a few years ago.”Yuvan” new member is born in their family. ।

Image : Raj Chakraborty Entertainment

The little Yuvan is Growing up . In the 21st century, he and others is getting to know that gadgets, Is this do have any effect on the child’s mind at all.
On the other hand, we cannot ignore these gadgets.
The most frightening of all is our parents at this time and in this mobile and online world.
From there, family conflicts are also being created. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest is being affected by the handcuffs of this online world.
How much we are forgetting our nature, how much we are forgetting the sincerity of the people close to us.

There is a quarrel between Raj and Shubhshree about this. Shubhshree wants the boy to go to the field and Raj is handing over the mobile, Parambrata Chakraborty is present at the connection between the two. How to solve it for now Turn.

The film was released on June 3. However, the first song of the film was released on Tuesday. Don’t forget to keep an eye on ‘Raj Chakraborty Entertainments’.

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