New guidelines social media influencers Know how much advantage or disadvantage will be

New guidelines social media influencers coming soon, they will have to declare the product affiliation of the products they promote Central Govt to bring guidelines

In the guidelines, “the consumer affairs department will introduce some rules for social media influencers. It is framing the dos and don’ts for them,” an official source said.

Social media influencers with huge followings who promote such brands and earn money from it. Social media influencers, according to the proposed guidelines, will have to declare their affiliation with the brand if social media influencers endorse a brand with money, sources said.
Social media influencers will have to disclaim these endorsement posts, guidelines on this may come in the next 15 days.

The Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA), under the Department of Consumer Affairs, has completed consultations with all stakeholders.

  • Disclaimer should be given in case of paid promotion
  • – Celebrities are not exempt from this guideline either
  • CCPA will take action if not implemented
  • – Violation of the rules will attract a fine of Rs 10 lakh for the first time, Rs 20 lakh for the second time, and Rs 50 lakh for successive violations. Providing fake reviews will not affect the confidence of consumers to buy products and services online. The department will develop these frameworks after studying the best practices available and deciding on e-commerce norms in India and following the system around the world. In May, the department and the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) discussed the level of fake reviews on their platforms through a virtual meeting with stakeholders including e-commerce entities.
    Meanwhile, the department has completed the process of creating a framework to curb fake reviews posted on e-commerce websites.
  • There is no opportunity to physically see or test products when buying them online, so consumers rely on reviews posted on the platform to make decisions based on the opinions and experiences of people who have already purchased the product or service.
  • “Traceability and the associated accountability of the platform to determine the authenticity of the reviewer are two key issues here. Also, e-commerce players must disclose how they are collecting the ‘most relevant reviews’ for a fair and transparent display,” said Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh
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