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Prime Minister Narendra Modi encouraged states on Wednesday to decrease value added tax (VAT) on fuel in the national interest and to foster a spirit of cooperative federalism.

PM Modi made the request during a meeting with Chief Ministers over the Covid crisis. “Only through the united efforts of the Centre and the states has health infrastructure improved,” he added, adding that collaboration is more important now, especially with the world facing a war situation.

“We need to increase feelings of cooperative federalism, especially with a war situation affecting the supply chain,” he stated.

As an example, the Prime Minister stated that the Union government reduced fuel tariffs, which some states followed while others did not. “As a result, fuel prices in those areas are higher, negatively harming the people in such states. I am not criticising anyone, but I would want to propose that Maharashtra, West Bengal, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Jharkhand, and Tamil Nadu lower VAT immediately and provide benefits to people “Prime Minister Modi stated.

“I am appealing to you for the sake of your people’s wellbeing; in the national interest, please lower VAT for your people’s benefit. What needed to be done was not completed, so please cooperate now “Modi elaborated.

PM Modi stated that Covid-19 vaccination of all eligible youngsters as soon as possible is a priority for the government and specialised programmes will need to be conducted for it in schools. Modi stated that it is apparent that the threat of coronavirus has not been eliminated completely.

He emphasised the importance of remaining vigilant, citing an increase in COVID-19 instances in various states in the recent two weeks. “Our scientists and professionals keep a close eye on the national and worldwide circumstances.” “We must work on their proposals in a proactive, pro-active, and collaborative manner,” he stated.

Stopping the infection from the start has always been our priority, and it should remain so even today. “

We must implement our Test, Track, and Treat strategy with equal zeal. In the current coronavirus crisis, we must have a 100% RT-PCR test for patients admitted to hospitals who are seriously ill in influenza cases.

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