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NEW DELHI: According to Michael Page a jobs and recruitment service, the great resignation is anticipated to continue unabated in 2022, with a staggering 86 percent of employees expecting to resign in the next six months.

According to the findings, 61% of Indian workers are willing to accept a lower wage or forego a pay raise and/or promotion in exchange for a better work-life balance, general well-being, and happiness. “Not only has it already been taking place for the previous two years prompted by the global epidemic, but 2022 will only see it intensify,” Michael Page stated in the research.

According to the survey, this trend will continue in 2022 across markets, industries, degrees of seniority, and age groups. “”With the clear majority saying a significant talent migration event is upon us in the next months, we must ready for it to increase.” While there is a lot of debate about organisations’ work arrangements (hybrid, working from home, etc.) and Covid-related regulations generating employee dissatisfaction, the survey finds that just 11% of persons who have resigned or plan to resign cite this as the cause for their departure. Career advancement, a greater pay, a role change, and job happiness are all common reasons for employees to resign.

Expectations of both employers and employees are not aligned.
Despite the fact that salaries, incentives, and prizes are unquestionably the most important motivators for candidates, the survey claims that employers overestimate the importance candidates place on them by 29%. A company’s brand is also significantly less important to candidates than employers believe – employers overestimate the importance of a company’s brand to candidates by 110 percent. 43 percent of those unemployed claim they have been unemployed for more than six months. “People are looking for the perfect job at the right firm with the right values and culture, which is driving the spike in resignations.”

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The high level of resignation is expected to continue.
According to the findings, 61 percent of people are willing to accept a lower wage or forego a pay raise or promotion in exchange for a better work-life balance, overall happiness, and overall well-being. Only 11% of those who resigned or plan to resign cite Covid-related policies as the cause of their dissatisfaction.

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