Instagram reels facebook instagram reels new features 90 seond increase time

Instagram Facebook reels new features

New Delhi: Instagram and Facebook reels, which are owned by Meta, are attempting to compete by providing the ability to create lengthier Instagram reels of up to 90 seconds. In the wake of news that the banned short video platform TikTok is making a comeback in India,

The social media behemoth is also releasing a slew of improvements and new features for its Reels products on both Facebook and Instagram, the most intriguing of which is Facebook Reels’ “Sound Sync” function.

The Sound Sync tool will allow you to sync your video clips to the beat of your favourite song automatically.This move is also claimed to be influenced by TikTok’s incursion into YouTube’s area, which now allows users to upload videos lasting up to ten minutes, up from three minutes previously. Meta is also releasing new creative tools as the opportunities to profit from Reels and Instagram continue to expand.

“We’re launching new creative tools across Facebook and Instagram Reels today.” These enhancements will make it easier to not just create and edit Reels, but also to be discovered by new audiences, according to the company’s blog post.

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“We’re rolling out suggested Reels in Feed globally on Facebook to help you be discovered by folks all over the world,” says Facebook. Reels90 sec has also been expanded globally in Watch, so individuals can now find Facebook Reels in their Feed, Groups, and Watch. Creators can recommend their reels on Facebook to extend the reach of their material on Instagram,” the business noted.

Instagram Reels is getting some new features.

Increase the length of your video to 90 seconds.

Use stickers to interact with your audience.

You can add your own sounds to the mix.

Templates might help you get ideas.

Facebook Reels is getting some new features.

On the desktop, you may make and schedule Facebook Reels.

Reels are attached to clips.

New audio features can help you improve your Facebook Instagram Reels.

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