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Pythons are not poisonous snakes, as we all know. They are, however, capable of completely eating a person because to their enormous size.

A video of a man dancing with two reticulated pythons has recently gone viral on social media. This species of snake can grow to be more than 20 feet long, making it the world’s longest snake. Pythons can be found in Sub-Saharan Africa, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, south-eastern Pakistan, southern China, the Philippines, and Australia, to name a few places.

The reticulated python is a Southeast Asian species of snake. It is hunted for its skin in various places, used in traditional medicine, and marketed as a pet in others. It’s a fantastic swimmer who’s been registered way out in the distance sea, and has populated many small islands within its range.
It is one of the three heaviest snakes on the planet. It is a non-venomous constrictor, like all pythons.

An Indonesian man with two gigantic reticulated pythons can be seen in the video, who routinely publishes python footage on his Instagram. The snakes are on the man’s shoulder, their heads turned backwards. The man dances with the snakes by taking steps to his right. Because the pythons appeared to be heavy, the man had to walk slowly.

The video has received over 3.7 million views and 44k likes since it was uploaded online. Witnessing the prank, social media users were taken aback and claimed it was far too hazardous. “So risky,” remarked one user.
“Is he tired of living?” wondered another. Take a peek around.

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