Bhansali and Alias were sued by Gangubai’s adopted son for defamation.
Is there going to be a discussion regarding the picture of the forest? What’s the limit? After Ramlila, Bajirao-Mastani, and Padmavat, ‘Gangubai Kathiawari’ is the topic of discussion this time. Alia Bhatt, Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter, plays the title character in this film, which marks her first appearance on screen as Bhansali’s heroine.

Alia-Bansalira is getting ready for the film’s world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. ‘Gangubai Kathiwari’ is one of them, and she is involved in legal matters in India. This film is directed by Padmavat and is based on Hussain Zaidi’s novel “Mafia Queens of Mumbai.” On November 25, the film will be released. Ganguly’s family has previously served legal notifications on filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali and writer Hussain Zaidi. Charges of defamation have been filed against them. Alia’s name has been added to the case as well.

“No one would want his mother to be portrayed as a sex prostitute,” said Narendra Dubey, a lawyer for Gangubai’s adoptive son, to the Hindustan Times. That is also something that a sex worker’s child will not want. Someone’s persona is being assassinated solely for financial gain.

It’s not only about the mother-son bond; it’s about treating all women with respect. He should be exposed in a way that no girl wants: nude and obscene. Even if we don’t believe Hussein Zaidi’s book, he claims Ganguly never wanted to work in the sex industry. Then why is he depicted in this manner? He was employed as a social worker. During the election, Jaharlal Nehru used to come to meet Atal Bihari Vajpayee from Morarji Desai. Because she was Kamathipura’s mistress. He has pushed for sex workers’ rights.

For the past two years, this picture has been mired in legal wrangling. According to the attorney, his client has been seeking a delay on the film’s release since the first trailer was released in 2020. The picture was clearly taken from Hussein Zaidi’s book in court. Gangubai’s son has petitioned the Supreme Court of India for a stay on the film’s distribution.

Baburao, Baby, Shakuntala, and Rajan are Gangubai’s adopted children. Gangubai left home with the ambition of becoming a heroine, but after being duped by her partner, she was sold to a prostitution hamlet, according to Zaidi’s book. She did not, however, give up with unwavering determination and courage and became the ‘Madamji’ of Kamathipura.

Today, Baburao also told Tak, “They turned my mum into a sex prostitute. My mum is the subject of a lot of conversation. They irritate me.” ‘All these manufacturers are defaming my family just for the purpose of money,’ said Ganguly’s granddaughter Bharati.

This is unacceptably bad. This image can’t be made since we don’t have authorization. Yes, my grandma resided in Kamathipura, but that does not preclude her from working as a sex worker.

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