Google Maps, the most popular navigation app, crashed around 9:30 p.m. and stop working. India time on Thursday, leaving all users stranded.

Because the majority of the globe uses Google Maps to navigate, the malfunction with the software threw people’s normal travel plans into disarray.

Hundreds of thousands of individuals were suddenly unable to access Google Maps on the app today evening, according to the website Down Detector.

Many people who attempted to access the Google Maps website were not working met with a message that said the’server experienced an error,’ while others were simply given a blank screen. The time it took for the map to be uploaded grew longer and longer as the app stayed down.

Google Maps has stopped working.
Some folks became so frustrated that they turned to Apple Maps for help.

In times like these, India’s attempt to create a Google Maps rival is all the more vital. So that, in the future, a single outage like this does not throw everything into disarray.

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