Kakbaisakhi today

Kolkata: Heavy rains are falling in Kolkata city. The sky is black and it is raining. The storm is going on. Metro rail service has also been disrupted due to storms and rains. A tree has fallen on the up line between Netaji and Mahanayak Uttam Kumar metro station. Due to this, all the trains coming and going from poet Subhash have been stopped for the time being.

Kakbaisakhi today

Only trains are running on the up and down line from Dakshineswar Metro to Mahanayak Uttam Kumar. Kalbaishakhi has flowed at a speed of 90 km per hour in the city. It is raining heavily with it. In the meantime, some of the passengers returning to the office have got into trouble due to the disruption of metro rail service.
Kolkata Metro Rail Service is the lifeline of the city. From one end of the city to the other can be reached very easily and in less time with the help of Metro Rail. Everyday people prefer the metro to avoid traffic jams in the city when going to and from office. Metro passengers are now in trouble as a tree fell between Netaji and Mahanayak Uttam Kumar metro stations due to torrential rains.

Not just the Kolkata Metro rail service. Rain of relief and signs of Kalavaishakhi are everywhere in the city. Trees are reported to be falling in several places in the city. A tree fell on a car parked on the side of the road on Central Avenue. Trees have collapsed on power lines in the Deshpriya Park area. The sky turned black in the afternoon. This is the fourth Kalbaishakhi season in the city. However, the speed of the storm is much higher than the previous three. The previous three storms had speeds of 74 kilometers per hour, 69 kilometers per hour and 60 kilometers per hour respectively. On Saturday afternoon, Kalbaishakhi overtook the city at a maximum speed of 90 kmph. Air services have also been disrupted due to the storm.


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