Anubrata Mondal

After Anubrata Mandal was released from the hospital, the CBI summoned him again. Anubrat Mandal, the district president of the Birbhum Trinamool Congress, was released from the SSKM Hospital on Friday.

Doctors advised her to rest for four weeks. Meanwhile, Anubrat Mandal has been summoned by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). He was also summoned to Nizam’s Palace on Saturday around 5.30 p.m.

However, it is unclear whether Anubrat will be present on this particular day. On Friday, doctors informed Anubrat that he would be unable to leave his bed for the next four weeks. He must spend the entire day in bed rest. The doctors’ ‘prescription,’ according to critics, is a shield for Anubrat. How do you react when a doctor instructs you to lie down all day ,will that person respond to the investigators’ call? Now wait, Anubrat sent a reply to Nizam Palace.

Anubrat Mandal has been summoned for the sixth time. Anubrat Mandal had been summoned by the CBI in connection with the cattle smuggling case, but he had stated that he was preoccupied with the election process and that he was ill. In addition, a case was filed in court. Anubrat had to return empty-handed from the Calcutta High Court’s single bench and division bench. Meanwhile, on April 8, he was set to visit the Nizam’s Palace.

On April 5, Anubrat departed Birbhum for Calcutta. He grew up in his Chinar Park apartment. However, on the 7th, he drove away, but just as he was about to enter the Nizam’s Palace, his car abruptly turned towards SSKM. He then spent 16 days in the Woodburn Correctional Facility.
He returned home on Friday. According to SSKM sources, blockage has been detected in two coronary arteries. One artery contains 60 percent and the other 60 percent blocks. Doctors will see after four weeks. This is the time when doctors recommend a ‘complete bed rest’.

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