Cyclone Ashani

Kolkata: On Friday, the cyclone Ashani that formed over the Central Andaman Sea degraded into a depression. This time, the depression will begin to move north-westward. It is likely to deepen into a severe depression on Saturday evening, May 6.

The weather service predicted that it would strengthen into a cyclone on Sunday. In that event, the storm might hit the shores of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa on May 10 evening.

However, the weather service believes that it is not yet possible to predict where the storm will make impact. Only when all of the ingredients for a deep depression and subsequent cyclone are met can the fire of its movement be matched. The coastal district administration, on the other hand, has already begun planning.

Since the 10th, the weather office has not permitted fishermen to set sail. The meteorological service has issued coastal district warnings. Thunderstorms are expected in West Bengal’s Gangetic areas from May 10 to May 13. Heavy rainfall is possible in one or two districts. On May 10, a ban on marine travel along and off the coast of West Bengal was enacted.

When this cyclone forms, it will be known as ‘Ashani.’ Sri Lanka has given it a name. The name comes from the Sinhalese word ‘wrath,’ which meaning “strong rage.” What impact will this cyclone have on Bengal? This is a circular question. The meteorological service stated that the potential of the storm could not be predicted that where is the cyclone right now.

However, rain may begin to fall in coastal areas as early as Monday. Heavy rain is expected in many districts of South Bengal from Tuesday to Friday. Since Tuesday, fishermen in coastal areas, including East Midnapore, have been prohibited from going to sea.

In Bengal, the month of May is cyclone season. In May, multiple cyclones formed in the Bay of Bengal. Cyclone Yas Dapat appears in May 2021. Amphan had a fight scheduled for May 2020. Fanio is also in this month of May in 2019. This month also includes Ayla from 2009.

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