Malda Kaliach is blown up. A four-year-old boy has passed away. The incident, which occurred early Saturday morning, sparked widespread agitation in the neighbourhood. The event is being investigated by the police.

The blast occurred in Nayagram in the Maldar Kaliachak Police Station’s Naoda Jadupur Gram Panchayat region, according to reports. The Malda Explosion, according to witnesses, occurred this morning in the home of a day labourer named Habibur Sheikh. The family claimed that the explosion was caused by a gas cylinder kept in the kitchen exploding. Tabirez Sheikh, a four-year-old boy, was among those present. He is consumed by the flames.

Doctors ruled the baby dead after he was taken to a local hospital. The toddler was reportedly playing in the kitchen, according to the family. That’s when the mishap occurred. He was rushed to the hospital, but he was unable to be rescued.

The police (Malda Explosion) are looking into whether the gas cylinder burst or whether there was another cause. Senior officers have already arrived on the scene. Many villagers said that a bomb, not a gas cylinder, had detonated. The police are investigating to see if a bomb was hidden inside the residence or if it was hurled from outside.

According to witnesses, there was a large explosion. The wind was so strong that a section of the house’s roof was blown off. The morning’s unexpected blast has caused alarm in the neighbourhood. Following the incident in Rampurhat, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has instructed that the bombs and ammunition be found. In the districts, the campaign has begun. Meanwhile, a large explosion occurred in Maldar Kaliach. The true cause behind this, according to the police, will be discovered.

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