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Own report: The state government made a significant statement for the citizens of the state. The Goa government announced at the first meeting of the new cabinet that it will offer three free LPG cylinders to every home in the state. This was a promise made by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in its electoral manifesto.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant made the announcement while presiding over the inaugural meeting of the new government on Monday. Promod Sawant’s government now includes eight additional ministers, including the chief minister.

Chief Minister Promod Sawant said in a tweet on Monday evening, “I presided over the first meeting after being sworn in as Chief Minister.” From the start of the next fiscal year, the cabinet has agreed to distribute free three-cylinder cylinders as promised in the BJP’s manifesto. Before the Goa Assembly elections last month, the BJP pledged in its electoral manifesto that if the party came to power, every family in the state would receive three free LPG cylinders each year.

Later, Goa Chief Minister Promod Sawant informed reporters that resuming iron ore mining and creating jobs will be his main priorities during his current term. His detractors referred to him as a “contingent chief minister.” Sawant stated that he was “elected” as the state’s chief minister this time, but not “nominated.”

It is worth noting that after the death of the state’s previous Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar, Promod Sawant took over as Chief Minister in 2019. The BJP won the recently ended assembly elections won 20 seats in the 40-member assembly. The BJP, led by Sawant, is contesting the elections.


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