Ankita Bhandari Murder case

Ankita Bhandari murder Case: SIT will conduct investigation by monitoring the girl’s WhatsApp chat, the family does not agree to the last rites.

SIT team probes WhatsApp chats of Ankita Bhandari, son of accused BJP leader and others murdered. The family of the deceased refused to perform the last rites and demanded the handover of the post-mortem report.

The family of Ankita Bhandari, a 19-year-old girl from Uttarakhand, has refused to perform the last rites. They demanded extradition after post-mortem. The girl’s father also questioned the Uttarakhand government over the demolition of the resort and said, “What is the reason to demolish the resort when there is evidence?”

The owner, manager and assistant manager of the resort, Pulkit Arya, son of BJP leader Vinod Arya, was arrested on Friday and transferred to 14-day judicial custody. The first post-mortem report of Ankita said that she died of drowning and the body showed signs of trauma before death, indicating blunt force trauma.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami ordered an SIT probe into Ankita Bhandari’s murder and called for ‘sternest punishment’ for the accused. The SIT will also probe Ankita’s WhatsApp chats in which she told a close friend that Pulkit Arya was pressuring her to provide ‘special services’ to Pulkit Arya clients.

“We will bring every employee of the resort to the police station; everyone’s statement will be recorded. . Ankita’s WhatsApp chats that have been revealed will also be thoroughly investigated,” DIG PR Devi, SIT-Charge told ANI.

The family of the deceased claims that they will not perform the cremation until a full investigation is in the public domain. They are seeking a speedy trial court hearing of the case. Demanding execution of the accused. Police recovered his body from the Chilla canal in Rishikesh on Saturday morning.

“We will not cremate him until we get his post-mortem report. We have seen in his provisional report that he was beaten and thrown in the river. But we are awaiting the final report,” said Ajay Singh Bhandari.

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