Mohun bagan east bengal derby two teams are entering the field after almost two and a half years

Mohun Bagan East Bengal Derby Match Kolkata

Mohun Bagan East Bengal – Derby match kolkata After almost two and a half years, Derby (Kolkata Derby) is returning to Kolkata.

So naturally, the tension is final but what does ex-footballer Sisir Ghosh say about the Mohun Bagan East Bengal derby match? In his words, “Mohun Bagan VS East Bengal is slightly ahead of Emami East Bengal in Sunday’s big match.” Why further, in his explanation and before we hear another adage, no prediction can be made in advance of this match.”

After many days in the morning, an acquaintance of mine asked, what will be the result of the big match in Durand? After almost two and a half years, the derby is returning to Kolkata. So it’s not unusual to have emotions. What I replied to that acquaintance, I am saying the same here. Mohun Bagan is slightly ahead of East Bengal in Sunday’s mohun bagan east bengal derby.

Before that, let us hear one more proverb, no prediction can be made in advance in this match. Speaking of a match in 1989, I was the captain that time in Mohun Bagan’s centenary year. East Bengal was ahead everywhere in book and pen, on paper.

I was talking to the boys in the dressing room before going on the field, forget what’s happening outside. The game will be played on the field for 90 minutes. It should be answered there. I had a couple of goals in that match. It would have been a hat-trick in the derby as the first Bengali, the referee declared my first goal void for no reason.

This is the reason why I told the incident, it will be understood how much the emotional strength of this match is. But now there are few Bengali footballers. As a result, the emotion of this match does not attract today’s footballers. This is exactly where I am putting Mohun Bagan ahead on Sunday.

Because, the number of footballers playing derby in Fernando’s team is more than foreign or domestic. As a result, you can take the pressure. And the team has practiced together for a long time. Which East Bengal did not get a chance.

The two teams I saw in Durande, the lack of goal scorers was the most noticeable. Especially when Mohun Bagan (Derby Match) missed all the goals, I would have sent all the balls into the goal! East Bengal is a bit better in defense. However, Mohun Bagan played four goals in two matches but conceded three goals. Which East Bengal could not do.

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