Amit Panghal , Nitu Ghanghas gold in CWG 2022

CWG in 2022 : Indian boxers Amit Panghal and Nitu Ghanghas both win gold

Panghal earlier won over Patrick Chinyemba of Zambia in the men’s over 48 kg–51 kg semifinal to get to the final, while Nitu triumphed over Priyanka Dhillon of Canada to advance to the women’s 45 kg–48 kg (Minimumweight) final.
Amit Panghal and Nitu Ghanghas, two prominent Indian boxers, won gold in the finals of the events for men over 48 kg and women over 45 kg, respectively. Amit defeated Englishman Kiaran Macdonald, and Nitu triumphed over Demie-Jade Resztan.

In the men’s over 48 kg–51 kg semifinal, Panghal defeated Zambia’s Patrick Chinyemba to advance to the final, while Nitu defeated Canada’s Priyanka Dhillon to advance to the women’s 45 kg–48 kg (Minimumweight) final. Nitu’s bout was over in under one minute and 30 seconds.

Due to Nitu’s exceptional boxing skills, the fight was stopped by the referee after the second round and Ghangas was declared the winner.

Although Dhillon competed well, Ghangas was very superb in these two rounds and won the satisfaction of all judges.

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