The Indian Air Force has decided not to send its combat jets to a global air exercise in the United Kingdom next month due to the scenario arising from the Ukraine conflict.

The IAF announced its decision not to send aircraft to the ‘Cobra Warrior’ exercise barely three days after confirming its participation in the drills, which will take place from March 6 to 27 at Waddington in the United Kingdom.

The IAF tweeted, “In view of recent developments, the #IAF has decided not to deploy its aircraft for Exercise Cobra Warrior 2022 in the UK.”

Though the IAF did not specify the reasons for the withdrawal, it is understood that the increasing crisis in Ukraine as a result of Russia’s military attack in that nation was a factor the decision.

The declaration came just hours after India voted against a United Nations Security Council resolution denouncing Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine.

By abstaining from the resolution, India preserves the option of reaching out to all relevant parties to find a middle ground and promote dialogue and diplomacy to resolve the matter, according to government sources.

The Indian Air Force announced on Wednesday that a fleet of five Tejas light combat aircraft will take part in the ‘Cobra Warrior’ exercise (LCA).

The exercise, dubbed “Cobra Warrior 22,” is intended to provide operational experience and share best practises among the participating air forces, according to the IAF.

The exercise would serve as a platform for the Tejas aircraft, which were built in-house, to demonstrate their manoeuvrability and operational capability, according to the statement.

“The IAF noted, “The exercise intends to give operational exposure and share best practises among participating air forces, boosting combat capabilities and fostering friendship bonds.”

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