Russian President Vladimir Putin attends the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier wreath-laying ceremony.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a military operation in Ukraine on Thursday, claiming it is to protect civilians.

Putin stated in a televised address that the action is in response to threats from Ukraine. He went on to say that Russia has no intention of occupying Ukraine. Putin stated that the Ukrainian’regime’ is to blame for the bloodshed.

Putin warned other countries that interfering with Russia’s actions would result in “consequences they have never seen.”

The UN Secretary-General has urged Putin to “give peace a chance.”

Meanwhile, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged Russian President Vladimir Putin not to send troops to Ukraine and to “give peace a chance.”

Guterres called an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council late Wednesday, claiming that the day had been filled with rumours and indications that an offensive against Ukraine was imminent.

Guterres recently stated that he never believed rumours of a Russian invasion of Ukraine and was “convinced that nothing serious would happen.”

However, he adds, “I was wrong, and I don’t want to be wrong again.” So, if an operation is being planned, there is only one thing I can say from the bottom of my heart: Stop your troops from attacking Ukraine. Allow peace a chance. There have already been far too many deaths.’

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