SSC Recruitment Case : ED raids from Arpita Mukherjee ‘s house in Belgharia on the possibility of getting money again

SSC Recruitment Case

SSC Recruitment Case: Where was the money recovered in Arpita’s Belgharia apartment? A note-counting device has been brought in.

Recover money once more?

When did the Enforcement Directorate (ED) agents last recover money from Arpita Mukhopadhyay’s Belgharia Rathtala apartment? There have been rumours that the bank will send a money counting device.

Around midday on Wednesday, ED representatives arrived in front of Belgharia’s Club Town apartment on the ground level. Yet the apartment was locked. The key was located, and a locksmith was contacted. But even after an hour of attempting, he was unable to open the lock. The investigators then opened the apartment’s lock. He then went straight into Arpita’s locked apartment. Within a short period of time, another ED team arrived.

The hunt is on. By late afternoon, it had been discovered that the apartment contained cash. A group of bank staff members arrived at the location with a note counting device.

In any case, on Friday, the ED found Tk 21 crore in cash, jewellery, and foreign money in Arpita’s apartment in a posh Talliganj building. Following that, Belgharia is informed that Perth-Ghanishtha also has a residence there. On Wednesday, the ED conducted a raid there.

On the other hand, Arpita’s mother resides in a residence on Belgharia’s Abdul Latif Street. There was also a search by ED officials.

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