The Calcutta High Court has now stayed the FIR against SP Sinha, a former adviser to the SSC Chairman

Shanti Prasad Sinha will not be able to be questioned by the CBI again. The decision, however, would not apply to the remainder, according to a division bench of the Calcutta High Court.

A member of the committee, Shanti Prasad Sinha, filed the lawsuit in response to the single bench order. Justice Soumen Sen’s division bench ordered that he be provided this protection just in this instance. The CBI will not be able to summon him for further questioning, according to the directive. It further stated that the CBI was now unable to register a FIR against Shanti Prasad Sinha. The two orders will be in place until next Monday, according to the court.

As the case is being heard in the court of Justice Harish Tandon, the case has been referred to the bench of Soumen Sen in his absence. The case will be heard in a division bench of Justice Harish Tandon on Monday. That is the order of the court.

On November 24, a division bench of the High Court quashed the CBI inquiry order in the Group D case and created a special committee led by retired Justice RK Bagh, according to Justice Soumen Sen. Can a CBI inquiry be requested in a comparable case in that case? He stated that the committee is still looking into the claims and that the remainder of them can be reported to the committee. In this case, he also mentioned that there will be two parallel trials.

In its ruling, the court stated that “the CBI conducted the interview on the court’s direction.” If the CBI discovers such information during the interrogation, it will be used to take action. In the event that they do not, file an FIR.”

The CBI had questioned SP Sinha, according to lawyer Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya. The FIR has been issued, and the inquiry is currently underway. State leaders and ministries, he alleged, were involved. SP Sinha has also come in court and testified, according to him. Please you not issue any stay orders at this time.

A single bench of the High Court ordered SP Sinha to be questioned in a corruption case involving the SSC’s Group D recruitment on Thursday. He then sought the attention of Justice Soumen Sen’s division bench this morning. He intends to file a lawsuit to overturn the single bench’s decision.

Sinha and his entourage arrived at the residence of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on Thursday Calcutta High Court. The Chief Justice gave permission to file the case last night. After that, the attention of the division bench of Justice Soumen Sen was drawn.

SP Sinha, a former adviser to the SSC, was questioned on Thursday night on the orders of the High Court. CBI interrogated. He went to Nizam’s Palace at 11.15 pm. He was then interrogated for three hours till 2.25 pm.

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