Karnataka Transport Department issued Notices Ola Uber stop services

BENGALURU: The Karnataka transport department on Thursday issued notices to Uber and Rapido, ANI Technologies, the parent company of ride-hailing platform Ola, terming Uber, Ola Autos as “illegal” and ordering them to stop services within three days.

Vehicle collectors have been asked to submit a report.

Basically this guide of Ola,Uber Auto is created with distance and fare. Several passengers have complained to the transport department about charging a minimum of Rs 100 to Ola and Uber even if the distance is less than two kilometers. The minimum auto fare in Bangalore is Rs 30 for the first 2 km and after that the fare is fixed at Rs 15 per km.

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In the department’s notification, ride-hailing companies have been asked to stop their auto services immediately and not to charge taxis more than the fare fixed by the government. If the order is not obeyed, there is a provision to take legal action.

‘Licensing to drive taxi only’

Transport Commissioner THM Kumar said they have given licenses to these companies under the Karnataka On-Demand Transportation Technology Aggregator Rules, 2016, to operate taxis only. Not applicable for autos.

“Taxi means a motor cab with a seating capacity of not more than six passengers, excluding the driver,” he said.

The letter also mentioned, “The aggregators are providing autorickshaw services without complying with the above regulations. The issue of excess fare has also come to the notice of the department”.

L Hemant Kumar, Additional Commissioner of Transport and Secretary of the State Transport Authority, was quoted as saying, “Autorickshaws cannot be operated using their cab-aggregator license.” Aggregator rules apply for cabs only. We have directed them to stop autorickshaw services through the app and have asked them to submit a report,” the official said.

C Sampath, general secretary of Adarsh ​​Auto Chalk Union, said the shutdown of aggregator auto services will not affect drivers. “Actually, the aggregators were fleecing both passengers and reducing their commission. We got permits not for aggregators, but for general rides. A union we have already told our members to run according to the fare set by the government,” he said.

Auto Union Ola plans to launch mobile app to take on Uber

Auto Union’s plan is to launch the Namma Yatri app on November 1 to take on ride-hailing platforms like Ola and Uber, in a deal with the Nandan Nilekani-backed Bacon Foundation.
ARDU president D Rudramurthy told the media that app-based aggregators demand a minimum fare of Rs 100 from customers. In this case the drivers have 60 rupees and the remaining 40 rupees are taken as commission by the authorities. Drivers are ready to drive for Rs.40. After they increased the fares, the growth of customers decreased by 50 percent – 60 percent. We are losing customers, he said

“Namma Jatri app our union is planning to launch on November 1. We will follow the government fixed fare and will charge an extra Rs 10 as pick-up charge. We have thought of a fare of Rs 40 within a 2 km radius within the metro. Stations and accommodation/offices. ,” said Rudramurthy.

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