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On Friday, a delegation of ten lawyers of bengals representing victims of post-election violence in West Bengal is expected to meet with President Ram Nath Kovind and Home Minister Amit Shah.

The delegation is expected to meet President Kovind at 12 p.m. at the Rashtrapati Bhavan and Home Minister Shah at 9 p.m., according to sources. Lawyers from the Supreme Court, Delhi High Court, and Delhi-NCR district courts will march peacefully at India Gate in the evening at 4.30 p.m. under the banner of “Lawyers for Justice.” While family relatives of victims are expected to march, some may also join the delegation to meet with the President and Home Minister.

Earlier, citing a complete breakdown of law and order in the state, the delegation stated that it will represent two politicians calling for the installation of “President’s rule” in West Bengal. Kabir Shankar Bose, convenor of “Lawyers for Justice” and counsel to victims of political violence in West Bengal, stated that the delegates will meet with the President and Home Minister and provide representation on the state’s utter breakdown of law and order.

“We will also demand that President’s rule be imposed in West Bengal due to the breakdown of law and order and state-sponsored violence,” Bose stated.

According to the lawyers’ association, the state has witnessed unprecedented state-sponsored violence directed at specific groups and individuals linked with specific groups and communities since 2018.

“Following the publication of the Assembly election results on May 2, 2021, gangs and anti-socials began a reign of unprecedented terror, anarchy, and bloodshed, which was actively supported by the ruling dispensation. Hundreds of thousands of people were evicted from their houses. Hundreds have been killed. “Daughters and mothers were raped,” claimed Bose.

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