Sri Lanka protest

The citizens Sri lanka battled to the police, they were protesting the recent fuel price increase.

On Tuesday, police opened fire to disperse anti-government protestors in Sri Lanka’s southwestern region of Rambukkana, killing at least one person and injuring 12 others.

When the citizens battled with the police, they were protesting the recent fuel price increase.

According to police, the demonstrators had blocked the railway track at Rambukkana and began pelting stones at them.

According to Officers Spokesperson Nihal Thalduwa, in order to manage the situation, police opened fire, injuring numerous persons.

According to authorities, at least 12 persons were admitted to the Kegalle hospital, four of whom were in severe condition.

Sri Lanka is on the verge of declaring bankruptcy, with over $7 billion of its total $25 billion in foreign debt having to be repaid this year. A serious scarcity of foreign exchange indicates that the country lacks the funds to purchase imported goods.

People have been waiting in line for hours to buy the very limited stockpiles of essentials such as food, cooking gas, fuel, and medicine, which have been in short supply for months.

The administration said last week that it will delay repayment of foreign loans while it negotiates with the IMF. On Sunday, Finance Minister Ali Sabry and other officials travelled for IMF discussions. This week, the IMF and World Bank hold their annual meetings in Washington.

Sri Lanka has also sought emergency funds from China and India to buy food and fuel.

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