Terror attack in Somalia

The terrible memory of the Mumbai attack returned to Somalia in East Africa. Militants entered a hotel in Mogadishu on Friday. The al-Shabaab militant group entered the hotel in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, and started running around.

A series of explosions took place outside the hotel. Eleven people were reported dead in the incident. The number Terrorist attack in Somalia: Scary memory of 26/11 in Somalia, terrorist attack on hotel, at least 11 dead, many hostages of casualties is expected to rise.

According to local media sources, many people are currently under hostage in the hotel till the time of publication of the report.

The al-Shabaab militant group, which claimed responsibility for the attack, said two vehicles were carrying explosives. On the other hand, a statement from the Somalia Intelligence Department said, “The militants attacked Hotel Haya with two explosive-laden vehicles. A car hit right in front of the gate.”

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Militants blew up two cars in succession while entering the hotel. One each on the guard rails of the hotel. The other is at the hotel gate. After that the shooting continued and they entered the hotel.

According to local news agency sources, the police and security guards surrounded the hotel after which the militants started lobbing grenades. It caused fire in various parts of the hotel.

A top official of the Mogadishu Police Department said, “Black smoke started coming out of the hotel. Militants are said to be hiding inside the hotel.

The total number of people killed in the attack is still unclear.” The New York Times reports that 26 people have died. The death toll may rise further.

A target for militants to attack the hotel, as Somali security forces claim, the hotel is often held by political leaders and top government officials. . However, the administration did not make it clear that any of them were the targets of the militants.

Incidentally, Hassan Sheikh Mahamud was elected as the President of Somalia last May. Within three months of his assumption of office, the first such major terrorist attack took place in the capital.

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