Everyone wants a CBI investigation. Is the CBI ready? Four public interest cases in the Rampurhat case were heard on Wednesday by a division bench of the Chief Justice. That is the question of the Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court. The CBI said they were ready. At the same time, the Chief Justice wants to know, does the state have any objection to the CBI on the first day? If so, why? The state’s Advocate General said the seat was ready for investigation. Give the seat time.

Besides, he added, no one from outside is entering the village. Only investigators and the media are entering. A qualified forensic team has gone there for the kind of investigation that will take place. The first day of the investigation. What he got now cannot be said for the sake of investigation. All evidence is being saved. If you rely on the investigation of the seat, you will get the result. But he has his time. He also said that security arrangements have been made for the villagers and witnesses. “If there is a question about the investigation now, I will say that he is happy,” he said. Everything is politically motivated.

Priyanka Tibrewal said that Gyanwant Singh is not only involved in Rizwanur’s case, he is also investigating the death of Anis Khan. But to date there have been no results. Nothing will happen in the end if he is given the responsibility of an important investigation again. Want a central investigation. Because, the village is becoming empty. They are scared. Security aspects police.

Gyanwant Singh has come forward after eight years. He is a confident officer. Where is the difficulty in investigating him?

On this day, however, the Chief Justice did not give any order regarding CBI. However, a few other instructions. CCTV should be installed in such areas. CCTV will be installed under the supervision of District Judge of East Burdwan. Central forensic representatives will also come to the scene to collect samples. The state police will provide security to witnesses and villagers under the supervision of DG and East Burdwan District Judge. If there is any autopsy left, there will be a video of that postmortem. Tomorrow is the next date of the case.


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